Head: Custom Cast Part
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

And speaking of 1983, my very favorite run of the G.I.Joe comic book are issues #11 (the Pipeline Ploy, but that one is a self contained issue) and #12 - #19. Of course, there are many more stellar issues (#21, #25 - #34, and others), but these are the pinnacle of G.I.Joe stories for me. It involves Banana Republics, Snake Eyes, Kwinn, Dr. Venom, sunken bunkers, Scarface, secret pathogens, an attack on D.C. (the city...not the sh*tty comics company), Hawk taking a bullet in the back, the building of the pre-fab G.I.Joe HQ, and the deaths of General Flagg, Kwinn, and Dr. Venom. Classic stuff.
So, Dr. Venom never got a vintage figure. I think there was a Collector's Club version, but that one was utter dross. Apparently, there is a written rule that when making a Dr. Venom custom, you are required to use a Moff Tarkin/Peter Cushing head. Otherwise the FBI will raid your home.
So, in accordance with section 23b, paragraph 4 of the customizing code of ethics, I have used a Peter Cushing head for my Dr. Venom. I disregarded the lab coat look (although the lab coat is the more accurate, iconic look for Venom) and just went with the white business coat.

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