Head: Custom Cast Part
Arms: Eagle Force Returns Sapper
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I saw this Buzzer head digital preview a few months ago on eBay and bought it on a lark to see what the actual product looked like. I did not really ever intend on using it. The head is not bad, but I think the hair is too bouffant and the face is too symmetrical to be a Dreadnok. This head should be much uglier. Buzzer's shirt is a cast-off from months ago. I had needed the dress shirt arms to finish a previous Dial-Tone custom. The dress shirt torso was really the starting point for this custom, even more so than the actual head, but for the life of me, I had no idea how I was going to give him the bare arms that he needs (it is maddeningly hard to get champagne or pale peach BFS arms these days). I got the idea to temporarily take the arms from an Eagle Force figure. I figured I could always give the arms back once the Marauders Viet Nam figures are released. After getting the arms on, the dress shirt looked a little too pristine, so I cut out some tiny notches into the arm wells to emulate ripped sleeves. I did not want to overdo it, though. Being a temporary fix, I was not prepared to paint over the Eagle Force arms. That forced me to try to paint the face and neck to match, but, dang, those arms are pale! Like almost sand white. As a result, Buzzer is not quite the sun-dried Aussie you might expect. His hair is super yellow, but I figured what the hell.
The belt is from an LOL Surprise girl figure. As an added treat, the bullets on his bandolier were actually found smushed into the bedroom carpet five minutes before I glued them on.

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