All Marauders Task Force Parts

I remember seeing the VAMP MKII at K-Mart one night. I grabbed it and ran across the store to my parents (yeah, across the WHOLE store. See, back in those days, there was a term called "normalcy". It's hard to explain, but try to think of a world where 95% of people were NOT insane. Hard, I know, but just try. In that world, you could leave your child on a completely different side of a department store by themselves and they would NOT be abducted or un-alived. This long gone world was called the 1980s.)
So anyway, I ran across the K-Mart with the new tan VAMP box in my arms and I was smiling from ear to ear. My dad got it for me that night and the MKII quickly became my all-time favorite G.I.Joe vehicle. I absolutely loved the new doors and roof. The missile launcher was so much better than the gun on top and, now, I had two VAMPS for my Joes. And two Clutch' cool was that?

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