Head: Cast with sculpted hair
Body: Bossfight with sculpt for details

In the year 2086, with the aid of two aliens mankind received advanced technology which included a hyperdrive device allowing for expanded space travel and bringing humans into contact with alien threats. The Galaxy Rangers were formed as an elite force of highly trained individuals who would protect the galaxy from threats to mankind. Their biggest foe is the Crown Empire and its evil ruler the Queen of the Crown.

This group of rangers is led by Zachary Foxx whose wife was attacked and her mind stolen by the Queen of the Crown and he now seeks revenge. His group of rangers have the Series-5 Brain Implants (S5) which boosts their natural abilities. His entire left side has been replaced with bionics after which give him the ability to fire blasts of energy from his left and and giving him superhuman strength.

Shane "Goose" Gooseman was genetically produced as part of a government genetic experiment to create a group of enhanced soldiers known as super troopers. His Series-5 implants allow him limited control over his body's molecules giving him the ability to heal, absorb energies, and adapt to various environmental conditions by temporary shape-shifting his body to adapt based on his situation or environment.

Niko has innate psychic abilities. Her Series-5 implant boosts her psychic abilities and she can create shields, lift objects, and has clairvoyance.

Walter "Doc" Hartford is a computer genius who, along with the BETA Scientist 'Q-Ball', is responsible for most of the automated systems that the Galaxy Rangers use daily. His Series-5 implants allow him to communicate with and control special programs.

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