Havelock: Scrap Cloth
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I have to say I'm not a big fan of Dusty. For me, he is notable for one reason. He was the last Joe I got as a kid, before officially "getting out" of collecting G.I.Joe figures . Now, of course, I would continue to buy the comic until #67 (I think that would be early 1988).
I got Dusty as a present for my birthday. I remember celebrating that particular birthday at Showbiz Pizza. I also remember being fairly unimpressed with Dusty (much more impressive was being able to play Showbiz's latest arcade game: "Firefox". Yes! Based on the Clint Eastwood movie).
So, I don't think Dusty is a particularly exciting figure. Other than the cloth havelock, I think he is lackluster and monotonous. I don't really like his bullpup rifle either. I think those things just look weird. All in all, he's pretty low on the scale of cool Joes.

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