Head: Custom Cast Part
Backpack/Scanner: Vintage G.I.Joe 1988 Battle Gear Accessory Pack
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I had the Tele-Viper as a kid, but I never really used him as he was meant to be used. Hasbro wanted me to use the figure as a telephone guy? Nah, my Tele-Viper was folded into my regular bullet-stopper squad that also consisted of one Cobra Trooper, one Cobra Officer, and one H.I.S.S. Tank Driver. I used the scanner as more of a laser type weapon.
As anyone can plainly see, my custom is not completely accurate. I dislike the original figure's vest, so I opted to used a tactical vest for this custom. Also, even though the original figure had bare hands, I really like the padded gloves that Marauders has. I try to use them every chance I get. I have also updated the Tele-Viper's arsenal with a dumbphone and a tablet.

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