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General Tomahawk?
Hasbro had let the trademark claim to the name "Hawk" lapse and could not release a figure with that name when a General Hawk was released in 2000.
Okay, so Hasbro did the best they could with the name. Nowadays, it is more common for Hasbro to release figures showing their full names along with their nickname. For example: General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy.

I have actually been trying to finish this custom for a long time. But the custom that have been trying to finish is the 1992 Talking Battle Commander General Hawk. By the time I started trying to make that version, the Marauders company had discontinued their original desert camouflage pattern (much more reminiscent of the '90s Persian Gulf desert camouflage). I kept waiting to see if that pattern would ever come back to their catalog. No such luck. I figured I would need to try something else. Then I came upon the 2002 Tomahawk version of Hawk and that figure had a more muted brown torso and had solid gray pants (which Marauders still carried). I decided to go with that version of the character.

Side note: I like to think of General Tomahawk as a different character altogether. Possibly with the name "Thomas A. Hawk" or "Tom Ahauk". I imagine ol' Tom temporarily took over for General Abernathy while he was recovering from an injury, possibly a bullet to the back or a snake to the heart.

Tomahawk, we hardly knew ye.

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