Helmet: Vintage G.I.Joe Sci-Fi Figure
Pistol: Random Star Wars Figure
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This custom of Sci-Fi is based on the 1993 Star Brigade Starfighter vehicle driver. That Sci-Fi figure was actually pretty cool. Of course, he was a re-use of a previous mold from 1991.

The 1993 Sci-Fi has better colors, in my opinion. The white, gray and blue make him look very much like an astronaut. Appropriate for a space pilot. The only thing I don't like about this version of Sci-Fi (and the 1991 version) is the helmet. The square eye-plates make the figure look like an Ice Warrior from Dr. Who...very silly.

1.) I added a holster and pistol to the figure's chest plate. It seemed like something a pilot would have.
2.) The black bands on the figure's legs is just thin strips of electrician's tape. Precarious.

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