Head: Custom Cast Head
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I really liked Tollbooth as a kid even though I never had the Bridge Layer. Even though he was a non-combat troop and was dressed pretty plainly, I thought Tollbooth looked great, especially his bright orange hard hat. I would argue the hard hat was the reason other kids like him as well.
This custom was fairly easy to put together. Only the head needed painting. I'm actually proud of myself with this head. After many years of painting horrible, derpy, muddled, crossed eyes, I have been able to paint two - YES, TWO!! - slightly passable pairs of eyes on two different heads this year. In fact I was able to paint the eyes on this figure in ONE DAY! Yes, I certainly did. Usually I paint eyes that are an affront to creativity, scrape them off, try again, fail again, rinse, repeat for the better part of the afternoon. Then I give up, I curse the hands that God gave me lament the excruciatingly lack of talent God saw fit to saddle me with. I then replace the tainted head back into the parts bin and then just try to find a way to use a pre-painted head while also trying to convince myself that I wanted to use a factory head all along. This time was different. I actually got to complete a custom head and actually got to use it, however, I weep that a fairly successful pair of eyes will never again be replicated by my loathsome hands.

...what was I saying? Oh yes, Tollbooth. Good head on top of fairly bland body. 'Nuff Said.

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