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Tiger Force Tunnel Rat was an exclusive figure that was available carded in Europe in 1991. He was one of six European Tiger Force figures.
This version of Tunnel Rat is the most garishly colored of the versions that I have seen. And that's saying something as there is a Funskool version of Tunnel Rat.
Historically, Tunnel Rat rates pretty low on my favorite Joes, but I am a slightly bigger fan of Tiger Force. Unfortunately, the U.K. Tiger Force Joes really miss the mark.
Tunnel Rat is a saturated red and blue.
Outback has white hair and a huge image of a kitty cat on his T-shirt. It makes him look like an over-the-hill bookstore owner.
Blizzard is all yellow. I guess to blend in with all the yellow snow near Cobra outposts.
Hit & Run wears a light blue shirt under orange webbing, but then his pants are olive and brown camouflage. Jarring.
Psyche-Out has a very loud orange shirt and wears white boots. White boots are only ever worn by the Japanese civilian defense force in Godzilla movies.
Sneak Peek is probably the least visually offensive character. He wears a dark gray top over light blue pants. It gives him a casual look that bears resemblance to a jacket and jeans. Of course, all his padding is orange and tiger-striped, so it kills the look, but I guess you have to have orange tiger-stripes somewhere.

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