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Night Vulture is a bit of a weird figure for me. I say that mainly because, colors notwithstanding, he looks like Snake Eyes. Every time I see a Night Vulture, all I see is an awesome alternate version of everyone's favorite ninja. He has the big squared-off goggles like the 1991 Snake Eyes. He has what looks like a pair of nunchuks on his leg. He even came out the same year as "Paintball-Mask" Snake Eyes. I would even argue that the Night Vulture sculpt could possibly BE an alternate Snake Eyes design.
Couple side notes for the vintage Night Vulture. 1.) He pulled off the mask-with-molded-in-lips way before Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes. 2.) Take a close look at Night Vulture's boots. Those are some of the coolest boots in the whole vintage line.

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