Staff: Hasbro Star Wars "The Last Jedi" Teet-Suckling Jake Skywalker
Laser Rifle: Hasbro Star Wars "The Force Awakens" First Order Stormtrooper
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Back in the day, I was a casual fan of the Masters of the Universe. I had a few of the toys...mostly first-year figures. I was more a fan of the Filmation cartoon.
My first exposure to The New Adventures of He-Man were the toys was during a trip to Toys R Us. I was looking through the aisles and I saw these straight-legged figures on blue cards and I thought, "What are these?" I had no idea that Masters of the Universe figures had been discontinued and that new futuristic figures were taking their place (even at that time, the New Adventures toys were on the last aisle before switching over to baby toys. Even I knew that was not a good sign). I also remember thinking they were MILDLY cool, although, at the time, I noticed that the figures looked "soft" and uninspiring.
Cut to adulthood and I have been exposed to the New Adventures on a much more regular basis. My feelings have not changed. New Adventures is still only slightly cool - both figures and cartoon - but I have a better appreciation for the franchise.
Okay, so I thought it would be kinda fun to interpret a New Adventures Skeletor as a Marauders figure. I had an extra Light Blue "Strato-Ops" figure laying around and just kinda started painting a stylized skull onto a balaclava head. The rest just followed from there.

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