Scuba Mask: Dollar Tree "Final Faction" Riptide Figure (modified)
Backpack: Dollar Tree "Final Faction" Riptide Figure (modified)
Staff: Hasbro Star Wars "Force Link" Teet-Suckling Jake Skywalker Figure
Legs: Boss Fight Studios Beige Female Blank Figure
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I really just wanted to see what the BFS legs looked like on a MTF T-bar. The only Valkyrie parts I had were some Recon-Ops (or is it Ambush-Ops?) pieces. The only female head I had left was a MYF reddie. So, I figure this is SCUBA Scarlett. The staff is from a teet-sucking Luke Skywalker that I found at Ollie's.I figure the staff could be some kind of underwater prod. The SCUBA mask and backpack are from a Dollar Tree Final Faction dude. I cut off the hoses from the mask, so I guess it can be a re-breather of some sort and the backpack could be a propeller thingy. That might justify why she does not have flippers. Side note: it is almost imperceptible, but I gave Scarlett dots of green in her eyes. I am not adept enough at giving her green irises so I settled on green pupils.

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