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This gentleman is named Buckwild. He is a 3D representation of what I submitted to Operation: Recall (minus the awesome backpack). He is a Forward Observer. For anybody who might be unfamiliar with an F.O., they are troops who are sent out, usually alone, to basically stake out enemy positions or specific bio-targets. They are expected to remain afield for long periods with little or no support. F.O.'s can be used as spotters for artillery or as snipers. Buckwild would ideally have a Ghillie Suit, but I think 3.75" Ghillie Suits are pretty silly looking.

The character of Buckwild hails from rural Alabama. He is a Southern scoundrel and insufferable smart-alec (a cross between Barry Pepper from Private Ryan and Dr. Perry Cox from SCRUBS). Buckwild is a terrible F.O. as he is a chatterbox on the mic while on a mission, relating stories from his truant youth. One could say he may even purposely give away his position in order to more proactively and more intimately conclude missions. Hawk has only overlooked Buckwild's "insubordination" so far since the F.O. has become somewhat of a boogeyman to Cobra troops stationed in more remote areas...but Hawk will only take so much.

Forgive the use of every single shade of green known to humankind, but I was forced to use what I had on hand

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