JUMP Jetpack: 2008 G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Duke V26
He Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I tried for the longest time to go my own way with Grand Slam's design, but, alas, I finally had to admit that the flight-helmet-armor-heavy design just looks better than my previous Riot Helmet look and is most appropriate for jetpack flight. We've all seen the videos of the jetpack test flights (the ones where the guys are using arm-covering vector jets) and the design just lends itself to a more fighter jet aesthetic. I switched from the anemic mid-bicep armored squares to the much bulkier shoulder armor. I switched to one of the newer WWII heads to get away from the painted skin-tone of the previous G1 "Trooper" head that has been in the Marauders inventory for almost a decade. Also, I have always thought Grand Slam to be one of the uglier Joes (as is Grunt, of course) and the Fritz head is kinda ugly. So there is that.

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