All Marauders Task Force Parts

This is a simple kitbash. Only Horrorshow's mustache has been painted.

I am VERY late to the game as it pertains to Oktober Guard. Of course, I know who they are and was there for the group's first appearance during Marvel comics' two-part story in issues #6 and #7, but I must admit much of the Oktober Guard's history is not very familiar to me.
I was out of G.I.Joe by 1985, so I never had any of the figures. I had stopped reading the comics after the one where Lady Jaye is punching out Flint on the cover, so I wasn't there for any of the Guard's deaths or replacements. I remember them making an appearance in the cartoon, but hardly any of the members looked the same as their comics counterparts. I am just now starting to delve a bit deeper into the team.
This figure is a humble attempt to recreate who I consider to be Oktober Guard's most high-profile character, Horrorshow. I got lucky that the ready-made parts came together so well. The torso is a Marauders WWII German soldier torso. The legs are WWII Russian soldier legs. The tanker's helmet (which I feel is the most defining feature of Horrorshow) is a WWII ready-made part and the pouches (which give the figure a bulkier silhouette) are WWII American soldier ammo pouches. So, all in all, a quick, but pretty accurate recreation in my book.

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