Head: McDonalds Happy Meal- McDuke
Neck, front/back, arms, legs (to edge of leg socket): Jonny Quest- Race Bannon
Legs: (below leg socket) Indiana Jones- Mutt Williams
Feet: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Rifle: Marauder

Frankie "Dishpan Man" Santana
Special Effects
The A-Team


Frankie became the final member of the A-Team towards the end of the series. A few years younger than the other members, he brought a bit of zest to the mix.


A mix of Jonny Quest and 25A parts to create Frankie's typical vest/casual clothes look. The McDuke head works well to stand in for the actor Eddy Velez.

Colors & Paint:

Not based on any episode-specific outfit, other than it keeps Frankie in a dark vest, the signature look for the character.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The McDuke head was epoxy blended onto the Race Bannon neck, and the Mutt Williams legs were blended onto the Race Bannon upper legs. The pony tail is bit of hot glue. The bottom of the vest is sculpted, and the front of it is sculpted up to the bottom of the pecs- then paint takes over for the remainder up to under the collar.

Thanks for looking.

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