All Marauders Task Force Parts

This is a simple kitbash/LBC. Only the forearm armor and leg armor has been painted.

This is an updated version of my original character Belle Star.

The real Belle Starr was an outlaw, criminal, and all-around scoundrel associated with the famous James-Younger gang of the mid to late 1800's.

My Belle Star is much more benevolent and patriotic than her real life counterpart. She is the dedicated pilot of the small Locust helicopter. Belle Star is a member of a loose sub-group within G.I.Joe consisting of the helicopter pilots. Started by Wild Bill, they are called "The Wild Bunch". Members include leader Wild Bill, Lift-Ticket, Recondo, and Vaquero (another original character who pilots the '94 Razor Blade helicopter). Provisional members include Windmill and Airborne (Talltree).

Of course, the look of this Belle Star is inspired by Toy Story Jessie, but she isn't meant to be a 1-for-1 copy of the cowgirl. Belle Star is a blonde and wears a more informal baseball cap.

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