Head: ARAH Flint V3 cast
Torso, arms: ROC Destro
Legs: ROC Storm Shadow (jacket uniform)
Skirt: Star Wars- Ric Olie
Holster on skirt: NS Cobra Commander
Feet: Fortnite- Suit body figure
Jetpack: ROC Storm Shadow Legs: ROC Storm Shadow
Mask: Imaginext ??? Armor topped with SW- Rebel Soldier helmet

Miles Mayhem
Head of Cobra Air Force
Cobra Command


Miles Mayhem was the leader of VENOM, the bad guys of the MASK universe. As a "Now a Joe" character, I interpret him as the leader of the Cobra Air Force, prior to breaking away and forming VENOM.


The most popular version of Miles Mayhem was the first, a slate blue dress uniform. That uniform has been done so well, and so many times, by different customizers that I skipped it when I made my first MM custom. I sidestepped the first version by making my custom based off of the MM that came with the Vulture and was packed with his one-eyed twin brother, Maximus Mayhem.

But the appeal of the original dress uniform figure got to me. I caved.

So I went for the it... but opted to go with the second version/recolor of it, presented in the Venom's Revenge adventure set. It featured Miles Mayhem in a repainted uniform, now khaki, with a mask and a jetpack. The Imaginext helmet I used doesn't line up with either of the masks included with Kenner's blue or tan Miles Mayhem, which featured different masks.

A Sam Browne belt is added to the gunbelt, and the holster is switched to the left-hand side because it was a left-handed holster.

On my first Miles Mayhem figure, I went for a leaner head and body. Sort of a pre-fat Miles. Here I used the oversized (even for ARAH figures) Flint V3 head. It reads as overweight, especially when paired with the fat-sculpted midriff area.

Sculpting Modifying:

The head is a cast, with an epoxy mustache added to it.

The shoulders, belly, upper jacket collar, and Sam Browne belt are all sculpted/added. The skirt was made from a cut-down Ric Ollie one, with some Rancor Keeper hood mixed it to fill the gap. The thigh screw insets were filled with epoxy and smoothed, as were some of the many wrinkles at the bottom of the pants. The tops of the feet were rounded with epoxy to better fit, and then the feet were glued into place.

The mask/helmet is an alternate head. It's made from a Star Wars Fleet Rebel helmet blended with an Imaginext space mask. The shoulder guards were cut off and lowered/re-angled downwards so they wouldn't looked flared against the shoulders.

Thanks for looking.

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