Legs: G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Ripper
Weapon: Dollar Tree "Final Faction" Accessory
Peace Symbol: Claire's Ear-ring

I am completely mystified by G.I. Joe EXTREME. I can only speculate, but I believe there must have been a carbon monoxide leak at Hasbro HQ for them to birth the EXTREME line. The line was no longer an action figure line, but an articulated statue line. A couple of the figures only had three points of articulation. Military aspects were minimal. Metalhead specifically is simply some of the laziest character design I have ever seen. Bon Jovi hair, black vest, and ripped jeans...that's it!
I had 2 minutes of free time, so I figured I would design a figure at the same level as the original EXTREME Metalhead. I have a fair amount of G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary figure fodder that is basically worthless, so I ripped the legs off a Dreadnok Ripper figure and dremeled the hips to accept an MTF waist. I also had to color match the waist to the legs (a bit harder as the legs have started to yellow). The Marauders company does not currently have proper light-colored "jean" legs, but their sky blue "Strato-Ops" color is pretty close. I mixed a bit of gray and yellow paint to some light blue and tried my best to get the waist and legs in the same color (failed miserably, but still tried).
Also, the Marauders company does not sell shirtless torsos, so I was forced to give Metalhead a T-shirt.

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