This set covers many figures and a vehicle, pulling from a wide range of action figure lines. This includes:

Army of Darkness
DC Infinite Heroes
Fisher Price Adventure People
Indiana Jones
Jonny Quest
Marvel Comics
New Sculpt GI Joe
Shark Tank
Star Wars
Tonka Play People
25A/Modern Era GI Joe

2023 has been the 40th anniversary of The A-Team, which this set commemorates.

The set covers the television series and the film, although the "core" characters of Hannibal, Face, BA, and Murdoch are intentionally vague as to which media they're supposed to represent. The film-only or tv-only figures are dialed in to reflect the appearances within that media.

My original plan was to do the core team, a handful of other figures from the show, and then the "Bad Guys" from Remco. Once I started working on the project, I realized that the movie characters were really more important the action figures that never existed in any media, so film characters took the Remco figure's place.

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