ARAH Copperhead
Rifle: Super 7 Baroness

Design & Colors:

Croc Master and Copperhead are two characters destined to have worked together. Croc Master has to have an alligator, Fiona, and Copperhead has to have a speedboat of some kind. The trick was to find a speedboat long enough for an alligator or two to lounge on it.

Cheap Dollar Tree alligators and a Big Lots speedboat make the set possible.

This is a fusion project, of sorts. It takes some elements from the Classified Series figures (adding gloves to Croc Master, shortening his mask to the jawline, and adding the albino alligator) and the strange colors sets used by the MASK toyline on its single pack repaints (like Bruce Sato in winter colors for the Rescue Mission set or Sly Rax with a burgundy jacket in Pit Stop Catapult set).

To make the Classified Series + strange Mask repaints idea work, it needed the right color set. The palette of light blue, pebble, and dark blue reflects colors that might be seen in a brackish water environment. They also work well on both figures and the boat simultaneously. Additionally, they had to make the figures look different enough from their original versions to justify making.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The shoulders/elbow rivets and the thigh screw insets were epoxy filled and smoothed.

Thanks for looking.

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