Head: Star Trek The Motion Picture- Decker (cast)
Chest, back, arms: NS Tunnel Rat
Waist, lower legs: NS Slash
Upper legs: NS Snow Serpet
Mask: Imaginext ???


The leader of MASK, Hasbro imported the character into GI Joe lore with a 25A figure 15 years ago. A figure that I never really liked because of its stern-bordering-on-angry face. Very well sculpted by Hasbro, but it didn't fit the vanilla goodness that is Kenner's Matt Trakker.


Because other customizers had already nailed the flying Camaro flight suit design, my first Matt Trakker custom was based on the Rhino uniform. A full decade after everyone else, I'm finally making my version of the most popular Matt Trakker- and his ubiquitous mask. But instead of the grey/red colors of Camaro Matt Trakker, I'm going with the relatively unknown colors of the Lasertron/Laser Command Matt Trakker. That Matt Trakker used the same body as the Rhino Matt Trakker, so I'm cheating quite a bit.

Years ago I made a ton of cast heads of Star Trek The Motion Picture heads. The Decker head is perfect, just perfect, for Matt Trakker. My Rhino Matt Trakker and Lasertron Matt Trakker match up.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the original Kenner Lasertron/Laser Command figure, but with pink-orange replacing Kenner's orange because it looked too much like Dusty Hayes. The Kenner figure's orange had a very light pink tinge to it. (it's photographing as magenta-red, but it is actually pink-orange).

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is a cast.

To correct the torso to the length of the arms, a "spine" was added between the chest/back and the waist, then sculpted over with epoxy, with the harness added to that. The wrists were also extended out slightly.

The shoulder/elbow pins and thigh screw insets were epoxy filled and smoothed.

The base of the Imaginext helmet was cut away. The visor brim is sculpted from paperboard and epoxy.

Thanks for looking.

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