Cover: Custom Cast Part
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This is a simple LBC/kitbash.

This kitbash was super simple. That's honestly why I wanted to do the Night Force Version. The colors are much more simple to reproduce than the blocky digi-cam pattern of the V1 Repeater.
I also opted to use dark green accessories instead of the more accurate light green of the vintage figure. I just think it looks more "night-appropriate". That, and I also happened to have all the dark green accessories in my parts bin.

Side note: I have always hated the Marauders Empty Pouches (shown on the upper vest). I could never find a use for them so they just ended up sitting in a large pile in my parts bin. I had a eureka moment one day when I shaved off a couple bullets from a Marauders ammo belt and placed them in the Empty Pouch.

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