Head - Guile
Chest - Gnawgahyde
Right arm - Flint (Eco Warriors)
Left arm - Blowtorch v1
Waist - Flint (Eco Warriors)
Legs - Night Creeper Leader v1
Awesome gun - TARGAT v2

Forget Hit&Run, Camo King is the Joe's utmost authority when it comes to combat camouflage. Hiding deep within the Amazon he waits completely unseen from the constant Cobra surveillance. Undetected by radar, invisible to the naked eye, Camo King does not exist in the deep shades of green, black and brown. In fact, I hope he showed up in the picture!

(So due to very high demand by fans of the King he's come to take over Joecustoms, watch out Brawler...someone's sneaking up behind you!!!)

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