Head, torso, waist upper legs: Quick Kick
Arms: Snake Eyes 2001 I think, slightly modified
Lower legs: Street Fighter Ken Masters

Sword: Night Creeper leader
Backpack: Storm Shadow 2002 I think

Sorry about the crappy pic, my camera sucks and I couldn't get it to scan right on my scanner either. But anyways I just wanted to give Quick Kick some clothes but stay true to the original character. You can't run around a battle field with no shoes no matter how tough you are. But I really wanted to keep the red throwing star belt, so I had to keep the original torso. Not a great custom, but not bad for my first. Personally I'm just thrilled that it doesn't suck. I really can't paint at all so I tried to use parts that wouldn't require painting. I thought the snake eyes arms worked pretty well with a few things dremelled off. The Ken Masters feet where the best I had, I just don't have the money for spare parts anymore.

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