Head/Legs: Budo v1
Torso: Dogfight v1 (Modified)
Arms: Zap v2 (SSF)
Waist: Shockwave v1
Backpack: Storm Shadow v9(?) (unseen, but modified)
Swords: Toothpick Swords

Customizer's Comments: I wanted to update Budo to be more modern, but still have the look of a samurai. I picked the arms for the gauntlets and torso for the vest and combined the color schemes of Budo v1 and Budo v2/International Action Force. At first I worried that the red and blue would stand out too much, but the olive drab and brown tone them down to a point where it works. Even though it's lacking the helmet and chestplate look of the original, I feel it captures Budo as a 'modern' samurai.

Critque Thread: http://www.joecustoms.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=17966

Codename: Budo
Filename: Jesso, Kyle A.
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry/CQB
Secondary Military Specialty: Small Vehicle Mechanic
Birthplace: Sacremento, California
Rank: E-6

Bio: Budo's father was an orthodontist in Oakland, his grandfather was a farmer in Fresno, his great-grandfather was a track-worker in the Rocky Mountains, and his great-great-grandfather was a fencing master in one of the last great samurai warrior families of Japan. On his eighteenth birthday, Budo was given the family swords and a haiku written by his ancestor:

The great sword sheathed
Glitters brightly in the dark
Unseen and at rest.

"The man has a fifth-degree black belt in Iaido ('The Art of The Live Blade') and similar rank in three other martial arts. He could have even higher rankings if he didn't spend all his time working on motorcycles and listening to heavy metal."

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