Head- Lowlight 01
Chest And Left Arm- Law 00
Waist- Budo
Legs- Duke 00
Right Arm- Rock Viper V1

During an epic battle in the hills of Kentucky, Mutt and Junkyard got caught in the machine gun fire, Mutt with a wounded right leg looks to see if his good buddy junkyard had escaped the fire but he didn't, the poor animal was riddled with holes. As Mutt looked up he seen who had be laying down the barrage of bullets and it was none other that the evil SAW Viper. Mutt in a fit of rage ran straight for the maniac to avenge the death of his faithful companion but the SAW Viper saw him coming and plugged an M-60 shell deep within his chest, dropping Mutt to the ground. He awoke in the Hospital surrounded by his fellow Joes, and they told him that he may not have junkyard anymore but he is going to head up the new k-9 unit. He said that when the time came he would get his revenge on SAW viper.

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