Head: Countdown
Torso/Upper arms/waistcoat: CLAWS Commander
Lower arms/waist/legs: Dr. Mindbender v5/VvV
Briefcase: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles filled with assorted weaponry.

Customizer's Comments: Just a remake of my first Class A's Turbo in JvC scale.

Codename: Turbo
Filename: Magnus, John Thomas
Primary Military Specialty: Counter-Terrorism
Secondary Military Specialty: Small Unit Tactics
Rank: O-4 (Major)
Birthplace: Dalton, Georgia, United States

Bio: The members of G.I. Joe: Frontline are many things, but they're still human, with all the trials and tribulations thereof... even Frontline's commander. Turbo's been a good soldier and a steady leader for the last year, bravely, or if you ask him recklessly going into battle against the forces of Cobra and Hydra among others at an age when most people are worrying about what job they'll have or college they'll attend. In all that time, he never once let his emotions interfere with the team. So it came as a surprise when he requested all his accumulated leave at once... to help him deal with emotional troubles. When he returned to duty, there was something different about him, a darkness in his soul that he didn't try to hide...

Because of his time away and the events of Devastator's defection, Turbo has to deal with the infamous Jugglers more than before. Even though he dispises it, it's become almost as common a sight to see him walking the corridors of the Pentagon towards a meeting as to see him in his BDUs leading a charge on the battlefield.

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