Head: Beachhead (JvC)
Torso: Dusty (Mission Disk)
Arms: Dusty (Mission Disk)
Waist: Unsure -- Corps?
U. Legs: Snake Eyes (SpyTroops/Mission Disk)
L. Legs: Gung Ho (Spy Troops) with PTE Knee pads glued on

Kevlar Chest Protector: back of BBI FLAK vest
Tool Harness, sledge: PTE
Sawed-off SPAS-12: Faces or Destro
Door Buster: BBI

This is inspired by iwbeta's Shockwave. I chose white shoelaces based on my memories of USAF MP's at Lowry, and the kevlar plate came about when I couldn't get the flak vest's shoulder straps to stay closed once opened.

Painting the PTE harness blue was extremely difficult, too. :)

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