Head: Agent Faces
Torso, arms, thighs: Dr. Mindbender VvV
Feet: Scalpel modified

Knife: Range Viper/Snakes v.3/Baroness VvV
Break Down Rifle: Big Ben/Shaockwave v.1/Nunchuk GvC/scraps/with straw silencer
Cheat plate: Funskool Zartan
Hood: Zartan GvC
Destro mask: Destro v. 2
CC mask: Hooded Cobra Commander
CC Helmet: Spy Troops Shipwreck
Mindbender mask: Spy Troop Faces
Madallion: chain and Scalpel knee pad

This was inspired by chad_ghosts fantastic rendition of the 12" figure. As soon as I saw his I had to try my hand at it. I only made some minor tweaks to Chad's design to match the feet better to the 12" figure's bigger boots. The real "fun" came in trying to make all the accessories. Lots of hard work but I think it was worth it.

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