Head: Countdown (As always)
Torso: HEAT-Viper v1 (Modified)
Arms: Bullhorn
Waist: Low-Light v2/SM
Right Thigh: Spirit v3/Air Commandos
Left Thigh: Scoop
Shins: Sneak-Peek
Pack: Recondo AP (modified)
Rocket Launcher: Salvo

Customizer's Comments: The picture shown uses different gear than the final product.

Codename: Turbo
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: High Speed Vehicle Operator
Mission Assignment: Support (Heavy Weaponry/Vehicle)

Bio: Turbo likes firing weapons and driving fast, making him the ideal heavy support for Mayor in Operation: Exorcist. With a five round rocket launcher on his shoulder and the wheel of the Operation: Exorcist VAMP in his other hand, Turbo is ready to ride the storm if all hell breaks loose.

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