Head: Snake Eyes v4
Torso: Duke v3
Right Arm: HEAT-Viper v1
Left Arm: Alley Viper v1
Waist/Legs: Neo-Viper

Customizer's Comments: I got tired of seeing SE's in black and grey and blue, so I took it to a new color: Brown. Dark enough to blend into shadows, light enough for outdoors operations.

Codename: Snake-Eyes
Filename: (Classified)
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Commando
Birthplace: (Classified)
Rank: E-7

Bio: Snake-Eyes served with Stalker in Vietnam, trained as a ninja with Storm Shadow, and trained most of both Ninja Force and the Ninja Commandos. He can sneak up on a Cobra sentry at high noon on a gravel path with no cover and collects bladed weapons. The man is a total mystery, but he's the best at what he does.

"There's no love lost between Snakes and Clutch. Clutch hates how Snake-Eyes treated Scarlett and Snake-Eyes thinks that Clutch ruined any chance that he and Scarlett might be friends again. I think that if it wasn't for Nightbird, they'd have gone at it long ago." -- Sgt. Lonzo Wilkinson, codename: "Stalker"

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