Head: J&R cast Beachhead
Forearms: Barrel Roll v1
Lower Legs: Duke v11
Rest: Snake-Eyes (Operation: Avalanche)

Customizer's Comments: I saw a segment on World's Wildest Police Videos featuring Russia's OMON paramilitary police unit taking down a cavier smuggler and I immediately wanted one of these badasses on my Joe team. The parts gathering took the longest since I wanted the commando look and the articulation of v14 SE, but not the ninja wrappings, so I had to find parts with the same articulation (bought the single-pack Duke JUST for these lower legs)
The John Wayne movie mentioned in the bio is "The Green Berets" (1968)

Codename: Omon
Filename: Ivanov, Piotr A.
Primary Military Specialty: Special Weapons and Tactics
Secondary Military Specialty: Anti-Terrorism
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia
Rank: E-5

Bio: Piotr was a member of Russia's elite para-military team known as Omon when the G.I. Joe team was reinstated. With Cobra taking the battle to the cities and towns of the world, the Joe team needed the toughest urban combat specialists they could find, and there are few tougher than members of Omon. With the opportunity to take on tougher challenges, Piotr quickly volunteered, taking the name of his former unit as his codename to let Cobra know just what kind of fighter they were up against: The best.

"Omon's, that is, the team Oman's way of doing things is the way we need: no warrants, no mercy, no surrender. Oman's, in this case, Piotr's is the same way, as far as he's concerned about Cobra, well, there's a saying from a John Wayne movie that fits: 'Out here, due process is a bullet.'"

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