Head: Chap Mei
Torso: Copperhead
Left arm: Unknown
Right Arm: Muskrat v1 (HEAVILY modified)
Waist: Sure Fire v2
Legs: Recondo v3 (broken)

Customizer's Comments: I was rereading "Starship Troopers" and came across various mentions of injured soldiers carrying on in positions where their fighting spirit, but not always a full set of limbs, was needed. That inspired this custom.

Codename: Ironhide
Filename: Ho, Richard
Primary Military Specialty: Drill Instructor
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: Monteagle, Tennessee
Rank: E-7

Bio: Sgt. Ho was an infantry platoon sergeant in Afganistan until an explosion quite literally cost him an arm and a leg. Anyone else might have taken the medical discharge and spent the rest of his evenings down at the VFW rehashing old battles with fellow Veterans, but Sgt. Ho had been nicknamed 'Ironhide' by his troops for a reason: He never gives up, no matter what. Ho kept after the military to find him a position where he could still be of some use to his country. Eventually, these requests reached General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy, Special Operations Commander at the Pentagon who knew a unit where Ho's never-quit attitude and fighting spirit could be used: G.I. Joe. Before Ho knew what was going on, he had been assigned to the Joe team as a drill instructor.

"You'd think that he'd be easier to deal with than Beachhead... You'd be wrong. You haven't been on a route march and dog-tired while he's riding alongside on that ATV of his spewing verbalities and wearing you out mentally while the march does it physically..."

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