Head: J&R Scalpel
Torso: Duke v11
Arms: Dusty
Waist: Zartan
Thighs: Dart
Shins: Flint

Helmet: J&R "CLAWS Battle Helmet"
Joe-Com: VvV (Modified, cut it down to JUST the com piece)
Knife: SpyTroops
M-4/203: J&R w/wire sling

Armadillo II: Transformers: Armada Demolishor

Customizer's Comments: Turbo was made to match the decked out look of the Valor Joes. Since this is the age of two-packs, I continued the tradition of Barrel Roll, Depth Charge and such by giving him a mini-vehicle. The weapons are also things I have a lot of, keeping the feel. Even painted driver and mini-tank to match.

Codename: Turbo
Filename: Magnus, John T.
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Light Armored Vehicle Operator
Birthplace: Dalton, Ga.

Bio: As a civilian Turbo was overweight and depressed, but during the War on Terror, he changed, he began to get himself in shape through hard work, martial arts and eating healthier and found a new goal in life: to serve his country. As a member of the G.I. Joe Team, Turbo's a loud, annoying smart-ass with a short temper at times. And nothing sets that temper off more than people who want to put people down and grind them into the dirt and people who aren't willing to put themselves to the test. Unfortunately for Cobra's Electric Eels and their Sting Raider hovercrafts, they qualify on both counts.

"Turbo's a 'no grey area' type person, you either like him or hate him and he believes in right and wrong and a code of honor. I'd almost feel sorry for any Cobra pilots whose craft wind up in the sights of the Armadillo II's rocket launchers and machine guns, because when he gets angry, he bottles it up and they're usually who he unleashes it on."

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