Head: Countdown
Torso: Lamprey
Arms: Dial-Tone
Waist: Slipstream v1
Legs: Motor-Viper

Helmet: J&R Duke v11

Customizer's Comments: You can't see it in the pictures, but the right sleeve of the flight suit had the electronic thing sanded down and a unit patch based on the 116th Tactical Fighter Wing (116th Cams) painted on it. Also, for this custom I used a foil effect color scheme.

Codename: Turbo
Filename: Magnus, John T.
Serial Number: 1247361
Primary Military Specialty: Frontline Commander
Secondary Military Specialty: X-22 Storm Eagle pilot
Birthplace: Dalton, Ga.

Bio: Frontline's members have to be ready and able to fight, quite literally, wherever there's trouble on land, sea, or air. The unit's commanding officer is no different. If the R.A.M. II is Turbo's command vehicle on land, then the X-22 Storm Eagle is it's airborne counterpart. The fighter's advanced computer system keeps the plane in the air and allows him to focus on what he does best: Showing Cobra that G.I. Joe: Frontline's members are just as good at what they do as the previous Joe Team.

"Turbo's command style is to charge into battle and he trusts his troops to follow. If he's piloting the Storm Eagle instead of footing it, he still leads the same way. It's just good for him that he's part-Irish and that God protects fools, children, invalids, and G.I. Joes."

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