Figure ---
Head: Blowtorch
Torso: Snake Eyes VvV 1
Arms: Zartan VvV
Waist, Skirt: Kamakura VvV 1.2
Legs: Cobra Commander VvV

Armor ---
Helmet: Budo v1 FS
Breast Plate: LOTRs Sam Wise
Shoulder Plates: LOTRs Girl (Forgot her name)
Guantlets, Shin Bracers: Grunt Spy Troops
Belt:: Slice VvV
Chain Skirt: LOTRs Girl

Gear ---
Sia: Budo v1 FS
Shieth: Night Creeper JvC
Ribbin: Slice VvV
Sword: Chap Mie Dino Ninja

Ever sence the very first Budo in 1988 I have wanted one with removable armor.. And with the M&A books showing him in a Gi I desided to go that route for his under clothes.. It took nearly 2 months but I think the results are above par.. 2 Lord of The Rings figures were sacrificed (I got em at a garage sale hahaha) to make the armor as well as various spy gear..

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