Head/Torso/Waist: Baroness
Arms/Legs: Jinx

Golden Sun: Jinx

Customizer's Comments: Death Angel was actually created based on, and with the help of a friend of mine. Death Angel is slightly Joe-verse-ized, but the basic personality is still her's.

Codename: Death Angel
Name: Curtindolph, Amanda
Primary Specialty: Assassination/Espionage
Secondary Specialty: Sexual Dysfunctions Counselour
Birthplace: Dalton, Ga.

Bio: It's not uncommon for heros and mercenaries to lead semi-normal lives under another name, but Death Angel's lives, both of them, are anything but common. Amanda's early life was fairly normal, at least until this daughter of racist parents fell in love with an African-American boy. When it came down to a choice between family and love, she chose love and moved from Dalton to Chicago with help from a surprising source: old friend Major John T. "Turbo" Magnus of G.I. Joe: Frontline. With her nymphomatic personality, it wasn't hard for Amanda to find a career counseling those with sexual dysfunctions. But the slightly psychotic part of her personality that had made her friends with Turbo made her seek out a second career; that of a mercenary. Skilled in swordswomanship and wielding a mystic blade known as Golden Sun, the Death Angel is almost as dangerous as therapist Amanda Curtindolph... almost.

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