Head: Tunnel Rat 03 (modified)
Arms: Tunnel Rat 03
Chest: Tunnel Rat 03 (modified)
Waist: Tunnel Rat 03
Thighs: Tunnel Rat 03 (modified)
Feet: Tunnel Rat 03
Helmet: Ripcord 84
Goggles: Tunnel Rat 03 (cut from chest)
Belt: Tunnel Rat 03 (modified)

A special thanks to Raptor for the bio:

Code Name: Battle Luge Guy
Real Name: Loground, Ryder

PMS: Non-Lethal Vehicular Combat
SMS: Infiltration Vehicle Designer

Battle Luge Guy was a Greenshirt Paratrooper that broke both of his ankles on a botched parachute drop on a Cobra Base. Rather than killing him, the Cobra Viper Squad disarmed him, laughed at him, and forced him to crawl 14 miles back to his extraction zone on hands and knees. The incident proved to BLG that crippling an enemy could be a far more powerful deterrent than killing him.


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