Head: NF (SpyT Mold) Gung Ho (2004)
Torso, Arms: NF (SpyT Mold) Grunt (2004)
Waist, Legs: SpyT Roadblock (2003)

Helmet: BBI Blackhawk Pilot
Stinger: Backblast v1 with BBI Stinger missiles

Figure: LBC (but for papers on left leg)
Weapon: Painted, modified

For the Joes' AA man, the weapon came about long before the character. I'd received the 3-tube stinger base in a fodder trade a long while back, and decided to see what it would look like in something other than lime green.

Next, BBI came out with their heavy weapons packs, and I had missiles for the launcher. I had to cut off the back fins, however, in order for them to fit -- So I chose to set one out a little higher, for a 'just launched' image.

Then came the Neutralizer -- and I said, "No way, that isn't Backblast." For a Backblast I needed a face with a mustache, an olive drab t-shirt, and papers for figuring out azimuths. These just fell together for me. :)

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