Head: Shipwreck (VvV)
Torso, Arms: Gung Ho (SpyT)
Waist, Legs: Shipwreck (Piranha boat VvV)

LBC but for hair recolor.

Outfitted with:
Black helmet (Grunt, Sand Vipers)
PFD (Chap Mei)
MP5 (Bombstrike)

My decision to make Topside came about from the thought, "I shouldn't let these pants go to waste." The rest of the uniform became part of Cutter, and I didn't want to paint over the Naval blue camo.

Using my v1 Topside for inspiration, I chose the Gung Ho torso and arms, then recolored a Shipwreck head blond. I chose accessories also in line with his v1 version, but am omitting the mortar backpack. That might go to Short-Fuze or Downtown instead. :)

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