Head: Bronze Bombers
Torso, Arms, Waist: Destro v6
Left Leg, Right Foot: Cutter v3
Right Thigh: Ambush
Pimp Cane: Knitting needle & putty

Real Name: Washington Green
Primary Military Specialty: Procurement
Secondary Military Specialty: Smuggler
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI

Big Daddy is Cobra's main man on the streets. A colleague of the Headman, Big Daddy deals primarily in women of the night, although he dabbles in narcotics and illicit arms.

His style is flamboyant, he struts, preens, and boasts in order to appear as tough and dangerous as possible.

He has long been a thorn in the side of the Joes' urban strike teams, as he is constantly fouling their plans, yet they have no hard dirt on his criminal backing, so they cannot legally go after him.

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