Head: Desert Force Tunnel Rat
Torso: 89 Snake-Eyes
Arms: Night Force Flint
Waist/Legs: 2000 Dusty
Backpack: 2000 Dusty
3-piece Chinese staff: 2000 Snake-Eyes
Nunchaku: Corps figure
SMG: new sculpt Cobra Commander.

Hiryu is basically a "self-insertion" character that looks nothing like me. He's basically the character who shows up whenever a character needs to be created by me (RPGs, fighting games with editable characters, etc). He's basically a half-Japanese character who enjoys to dye his hair red and kick people in the head.

This custom was a pain in the butt. First of all, the screw hole's grooves to hold the screw in broke, so right now the hole is filled with epoxy and with a screw inserted. The head doesn't fit in the ball, so a LOT of blue tack is in that neck joint to make sure it holds right. Wiping the silver paint off the torso was a necessity because of how much less they stood out unpainted. Unfortunately, the nail polish remover ate through some of the plastic, so the details of the mesh is gone from some areas. :( There was still some silver remaining in some areas, but I managed to tone it down with a black RIT dye bath.

Originally I got some desert force TR arms to use on this, but they just didn't work, so I had to look for some Night Force arms. Moto-Viper hooked me up, thankfully, and they worked like a charm after removing the grid pattern and logos. Also, since the upper arms are Flint's and the lower arms are Roadblock's (84), it makes the figure seem a little more unique in my collection. The paint mix I used for the undershirt matches the sleeves closely, and overall, the figure has a kickass commando look without being a ninja.

Another great perk to this figure is the fact that the staff can be held between the backpack and the figure's back because of some grooves in Snake-Eyes' shirt. It holds very well, and doesn't come off unless I want it to.

The only downside to the final product is that while Tunnel Rat's facial features match Hiryu's perfectly, his expression doesn't, as Hiryu'd be more likely to smile or smirk than to stare emotionlessly at stuff. Oh well... it was either that or use a ninja head. I think I made the right choice.

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