Head: '04 Roadblock (Anti-Venom Strike Force)

Arms: '04 Roadblock (Anti-Venom Strike Force)

Rest of figure: '86 Roadblock

Motto: "You keep telling me that my Ma-Deuce is not a hand-held weapon, and I keep saying, maybe not for your hands...."

Roadblock's dream was to be a gourmet chef. He was working as a bouncer to earn money to attend Escoffier School in France when an army recruiter convinced him that the army could train him to be a chef. Roadblock joined but found army menus and preparation techniques too appalling. Transferred to the infantry.

A qualified expert with anything that weighs more than fifty pounds and has a full-auto switch on it, ROADBLOCK prefers the M2 "Ma-Deuce" .50 caliber heavy machine gun as his personal weapon. He can be totally depended on to provide all the fire suppression necessary to carry out a mission, and anyone on the team will tell you that there is nothing more comforting than seeing ROADBLOCK coming up behind you, laying down a steady protective covering fire. ROADBLOCK is a world class chef, and equally at ease with preparing a seven course gourmet dinner as he is with laying out a staked-out field of fire for an ambush. Amiable and well-liked by his fellow team members, ROADBLOCK does not appear to have any irritating faults-other than his tendency to put a dash too much cayenne pepper in his famous crawfish stew.

Qualified expert: M-2 Browning .50 cal.; Heavy Machine Gun; all Warsaw Pact Heavy MGs; M-16; M-1911A1 Auto Pistol.

"A .50 cal. Browning weighs 84 pounds. Add fifty pounds for the ammo-that's about 134 pounds of steel generating 2930 f.p.s.in muzzle velocity at a cyclic rate of 550 r.p.m. Anybody who can handle that doesn't need a machine gun to keep me away!"

Customizer's Note:

This LBC was made after I ruined a perfect Anti-Venom Roadblock custom to be made in Night Force colors. Since the design didn't pan to well to my liking, I had the figure head & arms left over. So I thought, why not remake the '86 version. A little dab of paint on the arms and a few figure part replacements, and I got myself a bulkier, pumped up looking Roadblock.

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