Hat:Shipwreck v7
Torso, waist, legs & arms: Bullhorn
Backpack: Big Ben
SAW machine gun, H&K MP5 rifle canteen, grenades & pouchs: BBI
Flashlight: Tunnel Rat v1
Knife: Range-Viper
1st aid kit: Beach Head v1
Silenced Pistol: Modified Firefly v1 rifle

Pararescue; part paramedic, part special forces.

Backcountry was a paramedic in a large urban area who felt he needed more of a challenge. The Air Force provided that for him. He joined the Pararescue or "P.J's" and was soon after recruited by the GI Joe team.

"If we have men down in the field, we just fly a copter or plane with Backcountry in it over the area and drop him in. Doc and Lifeline are good at what they do, but nobody can fight and treat our guys like Backcountry!" --Duke

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