Body: Storm Shadow
Arms: Wild Bill
Bow: BtVS Faith
Sword: Kamakura
Double Sword w/ sheath: Slash
Armor: Samuri Spawn figure

The Night Creeper's history is ancient. Establish sometime during the Spanish Inquisition, the Creepers were a secret society, hired by kings and warlords to eliminate rivals. Creepers were not only to be the deadliest of men, but also the most educated, cunning, and intelligent. As time moved on, the society has been decimated and rebuilt, as with the hydra of old, when one head is slain, two more will take its place.

As the Creepers fell and reformed around Aleph, the blind master of the Night creepers, a warrior came to him, searching for his lost way. As an offering, the man laid his weapon at Aleph's feet. Rising to his feet and grasping the sword, Aleph held it aloft. "Tsuki-Kuroii", an ancient weapon with a storied history of blood and conquest had found its way home. Forged during the new moon, the weapon was lost in battle in the Far East. The warrior who had returned the weapon was given the name "Chi-Kitsune" or "Blood Fox".

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