Head,Legs = Dogfight
Torso, Waist = Cutter
Arms = Ripper

Help with parts ID = pluv, themanw/oaname

Riptide grew up in South Dakota, almost drowned in a lake at age 4. Saw the movie Jaws at age 7. Now he will only take showers. He spent his spare time hunting anything that was in season or legal to shoot. When he was in high school, he read about how G. Gordon Liddy overcame his fear of rats by killing, cooking, and eating one. After graduation, he enlisted in the Navy, and utilizing his marksmanship, got into advanced security detail. Was eventually assigned to the USS Flagg. Spends his off-duty time shooting sharks and making the best shark-fin soup you've ever tasted. He still sleeps with his life vest on.

Help with bio = Doc Rob

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