Head = Chuckles
Torso = Monkeywrench
R Thigh = Dart
Mech Arm = Road Pig
Left Lower Leg = Nullifier
Right Leg = Mirage?
Waist = Cross Country
Rest = ?

Help with parts ID = pluv, themanw/oaname

Cable is notorious for bringing the biggest gun to the party. His primary goal within the group is making sure everyone has enough firepower for the mission, and then giving them more. Most of the weapons he provides have been modified in some way, usually to up the carnage level. He has been making and providing his own ammunition for years, growing out of his love of firecrackers as a child. Now he has a cybernetic left arm and a prosthetic right leg. He's also missing an eye, and a good portion of his hearing...

Motto: More Dead.

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