Whole figure: Fast Blast Viper v1
Helmet: Sand Viper v1
Hat: BBI
Shotgun: Lt. Falcon (modified)
Riot Shield: Alley Viper v1(modified, has machine pistol mounted to it)
Various pouches, grenades & holsters: BBI
Assult Rifle: Firefly v1
Grenade Launcher: BBI (modified with bandolier strap)

W.A.S.P. (Weapons And Special Procedures). Cobra S.W.A.T. team.
Alley Vipers are the backbone of Cobra's urban assult teams, however, there are times when something more is needed. As an offshoot of the Alley Vipers, CQB Vipers have to pass the same grueling Alley Viper program and then are trained on tactical entry and close quarters combat.

Every weapon these guys carry is designed to be used in a confined space, and they carry alot of them! The riot shield will not only stop lead, but throw it right back, as an automatic machine gun is mounted into the handle!.

"These guys are mean! Imagine shaking up a hornet's nest then throwing into a jam-packed building, you get the idea! If you hear a knock at the door, you'd better hope it's the pizza boy!"---Flint

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